About Sunil


Born in Veeravaram, a village in East Godavari District, to Dr. Surendranath and Venkata Lakshmi, Sunil is the eldest of their three sons. His younger brother Venkatesh is a software engineer in the USA and his youngest brother Anil is the CEO of Greenko Group (UK listed company). Sunil is married to HimaBindu (M.S. USA) and has a son (Sujay) & daughter (Veda). Sunil spent all his early years in Kakinada, Machilipatnam, Bhimavaram and Hyderabad.


Sunil holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business from the Schiller International University, Strasbourg, France and an MBA in Business Finance from the University of Hull, United Kingdom. His schooling was from Nirmala High School, Machilipatnam.


Sunil's inclination towards Sports was quite high during his schooling and graduation days. He was a major part of the School, College and University Cricket teams. He even went on to organize state level cricket tournaments as a young man.


Sunil is a self-made serial entrepreneur with interests in energy, software, telecom and construction.


His experiences since childhood, worldwide exposure, serial entrepreneurship and a desire to create an impact in the socio economic realm of Andhra Pradesh has made Sunil enter the Political arena.

He strongly believes he has the ideas, will and capabilities to make a tangible difference to enhance the life of a common man. Sunil has contested in the recent 2009 elections for Kakinada parliament from Prajarajyam Party and lost with a very narrow margin against the current cabinet minister for MHRD Mr. Pallam Raju. He is the only MP candidate from PRP to get more number of votes & has 3 MLAs from the constituency in the state.

With a family history of freedom fighters, great grandfather Nukala Raghavaiah (Srimati) garu who also served as the first MLA after independence representing Ganavaram won against Puchalapaly Sundaraiah garu and in the 1960s Thota Ramaswamy, the Finanace Minister of State and from his maternal side, the Thota family of three generations have been in active politics in East Godavari and Krishna districts including his mother (Venkata Lakshmi) who is the only lady Municipal Chairman of Machilipatnam and an AICC member.

With his growing years in Indian politics, Sunil 's vision has crystallized to creating the next generation politics in India. Since poverty is the parent of revolution and crime, Sunil is a strong believer of "growth with equity." He realized early in life that it is a tough road ahead but to travel on the tough and the road less travelled, you need to plan, prepare and execute with discipline.

Contact: Mobile: 9848611111, Email: Sunilchalamalasettykakinada@gmail.com