Party Manifesto

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We promise to bring back the golden era to the people who are eagerly awaiting it.

Besides reviving the YSR regime’s flagship scheme Aarogyasri, the Party will strengthen it by increasing the number of ambulance services and taking it to every nook and corner of the state.
The farmer-friendly image will be revived as we pursue it with the Jalayagnam besides building 40 lakh square meters of go-downs to store our agriculture produce. A special budget will be created for agriculture, besides providing interest-free crop loans and soft loans for purchase of agriculture implements.

Farmers’ welfare is among the priority areas for the party and a Market Stabilization Fund will be created to ensure that a reasonable minimum support price (MSP) is given to farmers. Veterinary services and expert advice would be provided through 103 and 102 which would work on the similarities of 104 and 108.

Old age pension to go up

Apart from increasing the old age pension to Rs.700 per month, YSR Congress Party will revive the PavalaVaddi (25 paisa interest) scheme with full flow. We will eliminate all ambiguity in the scheme and see to it that the amount will be credited into the farmers’ accounts directly.

Our party will ensure free education to all poor students from LKG to PG. We will deposit money directly into the bank accounts to ensure the continuity of the education of the children and to bring up the literacy rates in rural areas. The scheme will be regularized in a systematic manner.

Summing it up, we will bring back the golden era of YSR and try to give more.

Manifesto Highlights

  • White ration cards holders will get 6kgs of rice at Re 1 per kg.
  • Annually, 12 subsidized gas cylinders will be given to each household along with an additional subsidy of Rs.100.
  • 108 and 104 will actively address emergency and health related issues
  • 101 will be the farmer’s information center that will address queries related to soil,seeds,irrigation along with physical visits to the field.
  • 102 will address issues related to animal health.
  • 104 will provide medicines and reading glasses for senior citizens.
  • 133 Diseases list that was removed by the Kiran Kumar Reddy Government will be revived with Aarogyasri
  • Old age pension will go up to Rs.700 and the pension for disabled people will be Rs.1000
  • Rs.6000 crores will be released for fee reimbursement if needed.
  • 2 ministers will be allocated for agriculture.
  • A fund of Rs 3000 crore will be maintained to reimburse cost of agriculture produce to farmers in the event of any contingency.
  • Removal of Belt Shops in Villages to restrict alcohol consumption
  • Increasing the price of alcohol in order to decrease purchase