5 Point Social Agenda of YSRCP


Plan:  Students from KG to PG will be given financial support to pursue education. YSRCP will ensure the State to be a knowledge centre irrespective of caste, creed or economic status.

Implementation: Funds towards education will be deposited in the student’s mother’s bank account. School Students till Grade 10 will receive Rs.500. Intermediate students and ITI students will receive Rs.700 and all other students till PG will receive Rs.1000.

The fee reimbursement scheme will be implemented till the end and English medium education in government schools will be introduced.

Budget Estimation: Rs.10000 crores for one and a half crore students per annum.



Plan: The pension for senior citizens, widows, physically challenged people, weavers and workers will be increased from Rs.200 to Rs.700. The YSRCP Party will build a social security system where people do not suffer from hunger and discrimination due to poverty, old age and physical disability.

Implementation: Pension will be given to all eligible citizens. Senior citizens, widows, weavers and workers will receive a pension of Rs.700 and the physically challenged people will receive Rs.1000. Currently, new pensioners are not added to the pensioners list until a pensioner expires. Under the YSRCP regime, pension will be granted to everybody who is eligible.

Budget Estimation: At present, only 62 lakh pensioners receive pension. When the existing pensioner base is clubbed with pending requests and new pensioners who have to be added, the resulting pensioner base will have 1 crore pensioners.

Estimated Budget:  Rs.8500 Crores per annum.



Plan: The government will protect the farmer from artificial market crisis created by middlemen and businessmen. If the price of the crop falls after harvest due to market forces, the government will buy the crop at an appropriate price from the farmer.

Implementation: A provision of Rs.3000 crores will be created in the budget for this purpose.

Mark Fed, Agros, Civil supplies Corporation, Oil Fed, Haka and other government agencies will be integrated to create a sustainable market structure. Central agencies like NaFed, FCI, Tobacco Board, Spice Fed are purchasing a limited number of crops at support prices.

The YSRCP Party will protect the farmer by purchasing the crops at the support prices through state government agencies. Price stabilization scheme will be ideal to create unlimited warehouses in the market.



Plan: All the loans taken by women from DWCRA groups will be cancelled. “One Time Assistance” to empower women.

Implementation: The loans borrowed through women groups from banks are approximately valued at Rs.16,000-17,000 crores. All these loans will be cancelled and the government will pay the money to the banks. New debt-free loans will be granted and the government will pay the interest to the banks.

Y.S.R’s Abhayahastham Scheme will be continued. Around 1 crore 25 lakh women who belong to the DWCRA groups will benefit from these schemes.


Plan: Single Window public service centers will be established. These centers will accept applications for Pensions, Ration Cards, Arogyasri Cards and other public service schemes.  Applications will be processed and related documents will be verified. These centers will be built with advanced infrastructure.

Implementation: Advanced public service centers with computers and printers will be set up in village wards. Belt shops, illegal sale of alcohol, misbehavior, misuse of schemes will be watched by a group of female volunteers. These public service centers will act as a single stop solution window.